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The News: Precinct Magazine / One Way Festival

I am so honoured and fortunate to feature on the cover of ‘Precinct’ Magazine alongside Mymo as part of last years One Way Project, part of the Surfers Paradise Festival.!

The artwork still lives in Surfers, but only for a short while longer as this years festival kicks off in June… Make sure you get along to this years’ One Way Project on the 9th July with the art installment entitled ‘StreetCube’ featuring Beastman, Gimiks Born, Shida and Jae Copp… and curated by the wonderful Mariam Arcilla… Should be Ace.!

Thankyou to Mariam, Hayley Windsor and all the SP Alliance crew for making it possible…!

Also check out this link from ABC with an interview and story about Last Years’ Wall.





Some recent portraits of me taken by the Uber talented Loretta Lizzio as reference for an upcoming Art Series she is working on. So many taken in 10 minutes it was crazy.! This is just a quick selection of mine that jumped… Can’t wait to see the end result.!

Spur of the moment, unedited, 100% real me… In amongst the craziness of everything going on that is my Life right now.!

Thankyou Miss Lizzio.


The News: Smile

A great little short film piece finished by the guys at Billabong for the Design For Humanity event that was held in Sydney last November.

So good to look back on and quite hard to watch as well, as I remember the feelings of devastation when my neon piece arrived broken via courier for the event only one day before the show…! The triumph, stress and happiness is conveyed so well in this piece edited together by the amazing Jamie Brooks.


California Love: Part Eight

One of the most amazing trips I have had to date and now I am back on our beloved Australian soil…

Words and pictures can’t describe the roller-coaster ride of emotions, travel, people, friendships and senses you endure whilst on the road. Many ‘Pinch Myself’ moments along the way, looking out for one and other and yourself just to make sure you get the job done and make it to your next day in ‘One Piece’… I learn so much about myself and the world doing what I love Creatively, and for that I am truly Blessed.

I have to say a huge heart felt thanks to all the crew that helped make my journey so seamless and enjoyable, you know who you are… not just work colleagues but friends that you make for life.

My biggest thanks though always goes to Enich and Candy for hosting me and trusting my creative vision time and time again, without you there would be no ‘me’… Thankyou. xx

A Big Blog to come in the following days but for now it’s back to OZ time and execute the next phase of 2011.

And don’t forget thefishinthesea for extra Cali Goodness.!


CK x


ME. Big Bear CA – 30/03/11 – Photographed By Samantha Basalari – Fuji Instax Film

Thankyou Sammy. X.!