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DREAMLAND – Memory of a Journey

It is with great pleasure that I announce my solo show which I have been working on for the past Six Months, and More…

Dreamland – Memory of a Journey is my first ever Solo Exhibition, and it is taking place at Comb Space Gallery from 23rd February til the 6th March 2012.

It is part of the Bleach* Surfing the Fringe festival which is taking place on the Gold Coast in February

I will be updating my official Tumblr Blog for the Show


and you can always keep up with the Fish in the Sea


It’s a long road, but worth everything, always.



Love From Patt.

If you are looking at sending cards this Christmas to your Family, Friends and Loved Ones look not further than Love From Patt.

Created by the wonderful and talented Laura Strange, they are a ‘Naked’ character card, customisable with your own set of stickers that you can arrange to create your very own Love From Patt character.

You can also draw, scribble and paint whatever you wish as well to make a truly unique message.

They are available from the Love From Patt website and selected stockists including Canvas in Nobby Beach.

And when you’ve finished your creation, take a photo of it and upload it to the Facebook Page to share your Masterpeice.!

But be quick cos there are limited cards left, and not many days till XMAS.!!! :D


The News: Mo’ Munny Mo’ Problems

TONIGHT.! in Brisbane.!

I was Super Happy to paint a 7″ ‘Munny’ for the Laced x Red Bull Event ‘Mo’ Munny Mo’ Problems’

Hi name is Rainbo, and he’s eaten a few too many Psychedelics…!

Check out all the details HERE. And see you at the Show.!

Munny Photos by Laura Strange

CK x

The News: Analogue/Digital Gold Coast

Tickets are now ON SALE for the Analogue Digital Creative Conference in October.

Get in early as it will definitely Sell Out.! and will be Amazingly inspirational beyond your Wildest Dreams, but dreams can be pretty Wild… but it’s gonna be Really Good anyways.!!!

See you there.


The News: AD / GC


So the News is out.

After a hugely Successful maiden voyage conference on the Sunshine Coast in May this year, the crew from Analogue/Digital are back and bringing it to the Gold Coast.!

I am speaking again and so proud to be on Home Turf…! And somehow I ended up being the ‘Poster Boy’ … So go figure Haha…!

Alongside some long time friends and idols who I just cannot believe have been pulled together for this event including The Art Park crew Paul Mcneil and Craig Rochfort, Dare Jennings of Deus Ex-Machina and Mambo fame, Angus Gruzman AKA Gus Da Hoodrat of Bang GangKsubi and Local Artist Troy Archer who I have worked with and alongside for the past 12 years. I am Fucking Excited.

It’s on Friday 21st October at Event Cinemas in Robina.

Should be an amazing day and not to mention night time festivities…! Get your tickets on early as it is Bound to sell out, and there are super limited seats… Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.!




The News: ‘STREET BEATS’ A.M.P vs E.T.C

From a Spark to a Flame to an Explosion.!

Don’t call it a Comeback.!

Last Sunday saw the return of A.M.P (Anger Management Program) in their first gig in So many years…A.M.P is the Project I have worked on for over 10 years with close friend of mine Tim Philips.

Adultered, Tongue in Cheek, Rock/Rap Hip Hop… a Pop Culture Fuck Up…

We played our ‘Classic’ tracks ‘Mama Don’t Know My Girlfriend’s a Stripper’ and ‘Hookers, Cocaine and a Camera’ amongst some other re-works and crazy Mash Ups.

One Word. FUN.!

It was part of the weekly ‘Street Beats’ at the Cave in Nobby Beach, which is organised by VSONE and D/TACH of ‘Enter The Centre’ and we shared the stage with the Boys for a classic night. A weekly get together and regular DJ sets and Live Painting from some amazing local Artists and Musicians. Every week just gets Better and Better and So proud of the Boys for doing what they do for the Love.!

Thanks to the wonderful Jaimee Keyer of ‘Egg of Columbus’ fame for the photos from the Night.

And a Massive thanks to everyone who came down to witness a bit of History.!

Never say Never.




Nazz & Lez


Gordon & Hayley

Celine & Clark

D/TACH of ‘Enter the Centre’

Nathan Bond & Jaimee

Bris Crew

Laura Strange & CK

Mr Kenny Smith and Partner

Mr Mike Perry Jnr.

Janine & Kiel

Marty & Jaimee






Ben Slee

MCK… on the Ground… Again

Street Beats.!




CK & Jaimee

Alana InLove

Uncle Stylus

Bali Bagus.! Terimakasih.! x


Life takes us on the most Wonderful Journeys and you have to be Prepared when it is all thrown at You.

These 2 weeks in Indonesia have been some of the most intensely creative productive times of my life. Firing on all cylinders, collaborating with the most Talented People… The Surfers, The Camera Crew, The Logistics, Our wonderful Hosts, The Locals… I can’t thankyou all enough and I honestly admit that I am truly blessed with an amazing Life. That’s a Wrap.!

Some highlights in words of the times of our life… See y’all in OZ. x

Awake at 4:30am every day for 2 weeks, Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng, Potato Head, Desert Point, Bodysurfing, Watching Amazing Waves being ridden by the Best Surfers in the World, Keramas, Gengga, Not even Setting one Foot in Kuta…, Cafe Moka Baguettes, The amazing Villa Eden, Stirling, News from Home, Afternoon Naps, Crisp White Sheets, Barefoot Living, Sea Salt, Watching Listening & Learning, The Copter Kids, Phantom Gold, Remembering Andy <3, Dancing til you Can’t Stand Anymore, Lombok, Dogs of the Night, Jappels, Going to Hell and Back and Back Again, BBQ Nights, Bintang, Pinot Noir, 32degrees C, Our Drivers, Banana Fancake, Enich, Deus Jam Sessions, Laughing Every Fucking Day, Suntans, Grocer & Grind, Gettin’ ya Eel Out, The Dog Man, Skype, The Most Hi-Tech Equipment ever in the Most Lo-Tech Environments, The Sun at THAT time of the Afternoon, Midnight Scooter Rides with Jack, Sunshine & Love.

* ‘Phantom’ Frame Grab courtesy of Chris Bryan

Bali Bagus.!

Please excuse my absence… Have been on a Top Secret mission to Indonesia…

But you can always find Daily Love over at thefishinthesea

Peace & Love



The News: Sunshine & Rabbits

The weeks fly by but it’s still not the same…

Amazing times… putting end to Olde projects and opening up to welcome the New.

Upon returning from Melbourne I presented at the ‘Analogue/Digital’ conference on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. A grass roots design conference organised by the wonderful crew at The Various Artists and Just Us Gallery. Again, to speak alongside some of your peers, idols and collaborators is such an honour, a feeling that is so hard to describe but an absolute pleasure to feel. A huge thankyou to Matt, Brian and all the A/D crew for looking after us so well…! and very special thanks to Vaughan, Simon, Matt, Luke, Sofles and Jeremy for sharing the stage and making an unbelievable Day and Night.!

Last week saw the preview of a Multi-Arts hub Space here on the Gold Coast called ‘Rabbit & Cocoon’

The turnout for a ‘preview’ launch was crazier than anyone could have expected… with over 400 turning out to see Original Art, Fashion and Music on a ‘cold’ Thursday night on the GC, it was so refreshing to see for things that are in the immediate future… The girls are working tirelessly to bring together amazing experiences and artists under one roof. I painted a live mural permanent installation one one of the Studio doors. So much fun and So honoured… Thankyou to all the R&C crew and Ironlak for the sexy paint colours…

Keep and ear to the ground… cos what we started years ago is living, breathing and turning into a Creative Monster.

Please enjoy some pics form both events.



Vaughan Blakey, Matthew Haynes, Wade Goodall

Sofles and The Law

Vaughan Blakey & Craig Rochfort

Dylan & Emma

‘The Director’ – Michael Calvino

Matt & J

Angry Boys

Jaimee & Jeremy

Elzee & The Law

Rebecca & Caitlin



Rabbit & Cocoon

‘White Rabbits’ – Flat White Spaces

‘White Rabbits’ – Flat White Spaces


Caley Tapp, Laura Strange, CK

Loretta Lizzio & Marcus Wilkins

CK & Talon

The News: Analogue/Digital

I am very excited to be presenting at the first ever Analogue/Digital Design Conference on the Sunshine Coast – Friday 13th May 2011

An exceptional line up of speakers from a range of diverse backgrounds, cultures and creative avenues including:

Adam Blakey – Editor Surfing World / Freelance Writer – SYDNEY /// Russell Fenn (Softles) & Luke Shirlaw / Ironlak – Spray Can Artist / Company – BRISBANE /// Matthew O’Brien – Freelance Photographer – SUNSHINE COAST /// Jeremy Wortsman – The Jacky Winter Group – MELBOURNE /// Simon Degroot – Fine artist – BRISBANE … And of course Myself.

It’s organised by the awesome guys at The Various Artists / VA … and judging by the lineup, I think it’s gonna get a bit crazy…