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DREAMLAND – Memory of a Journey

It is with great pleasure that I announce my solo show which I have been working on for the past Six Months, and More…

Dreamland – Memory of a Journey is my first ever Solo Exhibition, and it is taking place at Comb Space Gallery from 23rd February til the 6th March 2012.

It is part of the Bleach* Surfing the Fringe festival which is taking place on the Gold Coast in February

I will be updating my official Tumblr Blog for the Show


and you can always keep up with the Fish in the Sea


It’s a long road, but worth everything, always.



There’s No Place Like Home…

…But being on the road is pretty damn good too.

2 Weeks and 2 Days in the U.S of A.

LA to Hawaii and back again

Has been quiet on here but you can see all the details on thefishinthesea

I have to say a huge thankyou to all the wonderful shoots crew, as always, for looking after me.!

And as always, got the job done and enjoyed sharing some downtime (of what there was??) with my Lovely LS.!

Check back here soon for a look at the weeks that were before the Journey.

And a very special announcement for the Start of 2012.

Photo courtesy of Enich, Venice Beach, November 2011





If in Brisbane Tomorrow Night, Saturday 19th November. Be Sure to check IncStamp’s third and final exhibition for the year ‘DollHouse’

Organised by the wonderful Laura Strange and her IncStamp crew, the exhibition focuses on the theme of ‘Dolls’ across many mediums from various up and coming and semi established artists.

The official opening runs from 6:30 til 9:30 at the Cosmopolitan Cafe in Brunswick St Fortitude Valley ( Opposite Ricks )

See You There.



The News: Bleach* Surfing the Fringe

I have recently completed some Creative Direction for the look and feel of the ‘Bleach* Surfing the Fringe’ Festival for next February on the Southern Gold Coast.
Very Proud indeed.
Facebook is up for now, Go and ‘Like’ the Page to keep in touch with happenings, it will be AMAZING with some extra special Creative Gigs going down around this time.

And keep an eye out for a Very Special one on the 23rd February. ;)

I know it’s a long time away, but mark it now Peoples.! xx



Happy Birthday(s).!!!

A special day the 10th of the 10th.

For one, this Blog is now a year Old to the Day… wow… time does go quick

Even though it’s become more of a one off news site rather than a daily dose, I still Love keeping it updated and am so grateful for everyone who comes back to check it and without you it just wouldn’t be.!

On another note…

It’s Gustav’s 10th Birthday.!!!

The Crazy Oriental Lilac who drives me crazy everyday and gives me so much Love & Joy at the same time.!

With his Vocals, Incessant Purring, Smooch Sessions, Biting Attacks, Unconditional Love and Inspiration He never ceases to Amaze me, and I’m Amazed it’s been 10 Years.!





Two Years to the Day that you left us My Brother…

You, So Amazing,Never to be Replaced by Another.

I’ll never forget this Hot Summer’s Day in December 2004 that you came to our place So Excited with a New idea, as you always did. But this was different…

You were Bouncing, like SO Happy more than I had seen in a Long Time, your energy Always rubbed off on me and you instantly inspired me… Always… You piled me into your car and drove me not even 3 Blocks, you jingled a set of keys in your hand with glee and said ‘This is the Future’.

As you lifted the roller door into a concrete warehouse space the darkness turned into a light, streaming from the roof skylight. It was one of ‘Those Spaces’ the ones we have dreamed of for years and it was surrounded with your canvases, paint tins and objects to be turned into Art. This space at 23 Avalon Parade Miami, was where one of your biggest projects and creations would be born, morphed into something totally different and take you around the world to corners you had only envisioned in your wildest dreams. Those of you who were there 2 weeks later will remember the amazing gig that went down, and will go down in History as a major surge in the undercurrent of the Gold Coast’s Creative Heart.

These days Most if us will know it as Factory 5 of ‘Rabbit & Cocoon’ – our wonderful Central Gold Coast Arts Hub, it fills my heart that it lives on as a creative space, almost in irony, and will foster the creative visions of us Today.

I will hold My Word and Complete the Work that WE started here my Brother, you, a constant inspiration to us, and for those that never met you.

I Love You Beau.


Beau Velasco Parsons – Factory 5, 23 Avalon Parade Miami. Thursday 23rd December 2004. x

Studio Visit: Tyler Warren

Today, as part of my California Excursion, I had the pleasure of once again working with the Multi-Talented Tyler Warren.

The young 24 year old, with a soul as old as the hills.

Tyler is an amazing talent in Surfing. Through Surfing he also expresses his gifts for Surf Board Shaping, Illustrating, Painting and Design.

Such an inspiration and lust for all things Life… So refreshing to be around and work with.

We visited his Studio in Dana Point California, and as he is soon moving out of this space he has been in for a few years, i asked him if it was fitting I document a couple of Photos.

Please Enjoy Tyler’s Collections, Inspirations and Obsessions.



The News: CK x Art Park

I am so very honoured and proud to be part of a collaboration with ‘The Art Park’ for their Summer 2011 range.!

As a long time fan of Art Park (who I am actually speaking alongside at this years Analogue/Digital Gold Coast) I was very excited when asked if I would submit some art prints for their collection.

The tee is the ‘Transmission’ tee on a lovely soft Blue Marle base and the art is an interpretation of what a Yin-Yang would kind of look like on Mars or 100,000 feet under the Ocean… Contradiction? I think not…

anyways… it reads something like this:

Gold Coast swinger and semi-pro dancer Claudio is the newest artist to collaborate with the Art Park. Adding his golden touch and innate graphic flair Claudio is a fresh blast of Queensland air in the Park. Welcome sunshine!.

You can purchase this brand new piece of art Here Online, and at these Fabulous Retailers soon.!

Thankyou Art Park.!



The News: ‘STREET BEATS’ A.M.P vs E.T.C

From a Spark to a Flame to an Explosion.!

Don’t call it a Comeback.!

Last Sunday saw the return of A.M.P (Anger Management Program) in their first gig in So many years…A.M.P is the Project I have worked on for over 10 years with close friend of mine Tim Philips.

Adultered, Tongue in Cheek, Rock/Rap Hip Hop… a Pop Culture Fuck Up…

We played our ‘Classic’ tracks ‘Mama Don’t Know My Girlfriend’s a Stripper’ and ‘Hookers, Cocaine and a Camera’ amongst some other re-works and crazy Mash Ups.

One Word. FUN.!

It was part of the weekly ‘Street Beats’ at the Cave in Nobby Beach, which is organised by VSONE and D/TACH of ‘Enter The Centre’ and we shared the stage with the Boys for a classic night. A weekly get together and regular DJ sets and Live Painting from some amazing local Artists and Musicians. Every week just gets Better and Better and So proud of the Boys for doing what they do for the Love.!

Thanks to the wonderful Jaimee Keyer of ‘Egg of Columbus’ fame for the photos from the Night.

And a Massive thanks to everyone who came down to witness a bit of History.!

Never say Never.




Nazz & Lez


Gordon & Hayley

Celine & Clark

D/TACH of ‘Enter the Centre’

Nathan Bond & Jaimee

Bris Crew

Laura Strange & CK

Mr Kenny Smith and Partner

Mr Mike Perry Jnr.

Janine & Kiel

Marty & Jaimee






Ben Slee

MCK… on the Ground… Again

Street Beats.!




CK & Jaimee

Alana InLove

Uncle Stylus

The News: A.M.P vs. E.T.C

If you around the Gold Coast this Sunday, be sure not to miss this One Off Crazy Event.!

I am performing as part of A.M.P ( Anger Management Program )… The Mics are out, The Outfits are dusted off and it’s gonna be One Hell of a Party.!

It’s part of the resident Sunday’s at The Cave in Nobby Beach called ‘STREET BEATS’.

All details HERE.!

Get in Early… It’s gonna be BIG.!