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DREAMLAND – Memory of a Journey

It is with great pleasure that I announce my solo show which I have been working on for the past Six Months, and More…

Dreamland – Memory of a Journey is my first ever Solo Exhibition, and it is taking place at Comb Space Gallery from 23rd February til the 6th March 2012.

It is part of the Bleach* Surfing the Fringe festival which is taking place on the Gold Coast in February

I will be updating my official Tumblr Blog for the Show


and you can always keep up with the Fish in the Sea


It’s a long road, but worth everything, always.



There’s No Place Like Home…

…But being on the road is pretty damn good too.

2 Weeks and 2 Days in the U.S of A.

LA to Hawaii and back again

Has been quiet on here but you can see all the details on thefishinthesea

I have to say a huge thankyou to all the wonderful shoots crew, as always, for looking after me.!

And as always, got the job done and enjoyed sharing some downtime (of what there was??) with my Lovely LS.!

Check back here soon for a look at the weeks that were before the Journey.

And a very special announcement for the Start of 2012.

Photo courtesy of Enich, Venice Beach, November 2011




Studio Visit: Tyler Warren

Today, as part of my California Excursion, I had the pleasure of once again working with the Multi-Talented Tyler Warren.

The young 24 year old, with a soul as old as the hills.

Tyler is an amazing talent in Surfing. Through Surfing he also expresses his gifts for Surf Board Shaping, Illustrating, Painting and Design.

Such an inspiration and lust for all things Life… So refreshing to be around and work with.

We visited his Studio in Dana Point California, and as he is soon moving out of this space he has been in for a few years, i asked him if it was fitting I document a couple of Photos.

Please Enjoy Tyler’s Collections, Inspirations and Obsessions.



Bali Bagus.! Terimakasih.! x


Life takes us on the most Wonderful Journeys and you have to be Prepared when it is all thrown at You.

These 2 weeks in Indonesia have been some of the most intensely creative productive times of my life. Firing on all cylinders, collaborating with the most Talented People… The Surfers, The Camera Crew, The Logistics, Our wonderful Hosts, The Locals… I can’t thankyou all enough and I honestly admit that I am truly blessed with an amazing Life. That’s a Wrap.!

Some highlights in words of the times of our life… See y’all in OZ. x

Awake at 4:30am every day for 2 weeks, Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng, Potato Head, Desert Point, Bodysurfing, Watching Amazing Waves being ridden by the Best Surfers in the World, Keramas, Gengga, Not even Setting one Foot in Kuta…, Cafe Moka Baguettes, The amazing Villa Eden, Stirling, News from Home, Afternoon Naps, Crisp White Sheets, Barefoot Living, Sea Salt, Watching Listening & Learning, The Copter Kids, Phantom Gold, Remembering Andy <3, Dancing til you Can’t Stand Anymore, Lombok, Dogs of the Night, Jappels, Going to Hell and Back and Back Again, BBQ Nights, Bintang, Pinot Noir, 32degrees C, Our Drivers, Banana Fancake, Enich, Deus Jam Sessions, Laughing Every Fucking Day, Suntans, Grocer & Grind, Gettin’ ya Eel Out, The Dog Man, Skype, The Most Hi-Tech Equipment ever in the Most Lo-Tech Environments, The Sun at THAT time of the Afternoon, Midnight Scooter Rides with Jack, Sunshine & Love.

* ‘Phantom’ Frame Grab courtesy of Chris Bryan

Bali Bagus.!

Please excuse my absence… Have been on a Top Secret mission to Indonesia…

But you can always find Daily Love over at thefishinthesea

Peace & Love



MELBOURNE : AGideas / Diary Two

When you get set tasks in life… you have to commit, and you have to take it through…

I was asked last October to speak at the AGideas conference in May 2011… I still remember the day I got the email and rang Eleni and asked if it was spam… haha… I soon found out it wasn’t and that’s when shit got real. She asked me to commit, 1000%… I am always the man for that, but sometimes looking ahead 6 months can be a bit tricky…

So inbetween 2 trips to Hawaii, 2 trips to LA, A house move of the greatest magnitude, Several Photoshoots, 15 Acupuncture treatments, 25 Singing Lessons, a Summer of Amazing Weather, Swimming, Beers and PoolBall… and all the other Mayhem that makes up the Claudio Universe…

It was time to go to Melbourne.

The most amazing week of my professional career as an Artist… The best Committee Crew ever… The most Influential and Talented Creatives… The most Inspiring Speeches to change your world… I laughed, I cried, I got anxiety, I overcame it as quick as it came, Love Love Love in all forms, New Friends and the Best times with Olde.

I cannot thank everyone involved enough, and I don’t think I ever can. You Guys are amazing and you know who you are…

From my 5 Star bathroom at the Westin that’s as big as my House, to the Yellow shirt I was presented with as an Honorary Committee Member, I Love you All. Please enjoy an insiders outside perspective of the Melbourne AGideas 2011.




The Shoes


Georges Antoni – Super Talent and Super Nice Guy



The Books Arrived…

The Walk

The Sign


CK Signing Frenzy.!

ME Signing Georges’ Breast…

Me and My ‘Dio’ Girls from NZ.!!! – Photo by Leah Bibby, That’s her on the Left.

Iain McCaig – Childhood Inspiration and Absolute Legend

Christopher Doyle signing frenzy.!!! Legend.!

Georges Antoni – Smiling Frenzy.!

CK Original


Three Feet of Genius

The Great Hall – NGV

The Great Hall – NGV

New Guernica


Sam Smith


Lucas Grogan


The Westin

Insert SIM

My Lovely Crew at the Corner Hotel…! “I was looking for a Restaurant called Parmas.?”Dee, Me, Ayesha, Christopher Doyle ( That guy from the Hangover…)

Stuart McLachlan & Georges Antoni

Brian Steendyk, Elizabeth Delfs, Monika

Georges hiding in Chris’ Beard…!


Our ‘D&G’ campaign shot by Georges Antoni

Backstage Anxiety…

Dream Team – Ella, Caitlin, Carla, Dee, Paul, Chris



Ken Cato – Lord

Table 12

Ken Miki San.! – Words can’t describe…

Double Exposure by Georges Antoni – Zero Photoshop.!

Iain McCaig, Monika, CK, Natan Linder


Miss Strange

Dee & Nick

The A – Team

Thankyou Melbourne. x

MELBOURNE : AGideas / Diary One


Love This City.

A Decade of Exploration, Infatuation, Inspiration and Discovery… and every time I come back it feels like new again…

Yesterday I conducted an amazing Hands On workshop with the girls from Diocesan School for Girls who came over all the way form Auckland NZ to attend the AGideas conference. Such an inspirational, Beautiful and Creative bunch of young ladies. We made some finished collage and paint pieces on wood and explored spontaneous, surrealist compositions and thinking. So refreshing, and I was so honoured to be able to share and teach some old and new skills.

Today was the first official day of the AGideas conference at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, a massive turnout and some very inspirational and talented speakers. Another day tomorrow and I get to hit the stage on Thursday…

Again, I am so fortunate to be able to share my visions and meet some wonderful International Creatives.

Please Enjoy some pics from the past few days…



The Girls.!

The Gallery.!

Thankyou Crew.!

Gettin Busy…

No.5 Is Alive.!!!

Melbourne Museum

The Welcome Nugget

Carlton Mate… YEAH MATE.!!!

Phar Lap.!!!

Ellesse and Paul my Homies…

Bill Henson

‘The Law’… Never Not Workin…


The View

The News: AGideas

Have arrived in Melbourne for the International Design Week 2011 and the Annual AGideas Conference.

I am speaking on Thursday and have a special CK Masterclass Workshop today.

Very excited and just a lil’ nervous… Shit just got Real…!

The News: Smile

A great little short film piece finished by the guys at Billabong for the Design For Humanity event that was held in Sydney last November.

So good to look back on and quite hard to watch as well, as I remember the feelings of devastation when my neon piece arrived broken via courier for the event only one day before the show…! The triumph, stress and happiness is conveyed so well in this piece edited together by the amazing Jamie Brooks.


California Love: Part Eight

One of the most amazing trips I have had to date and now I am back on our beloved Australian soil…

Words and pictures can’t describe the roller-coaster ride of emotions, travel, people, friendships and senses you endure whilst on the road. Many ‘Pinch Myself’ moments along the way, looking out for one and other and yourself just to make sure you get the job done and make it to your next day in ‘One Piece’… I learn so much about myself and the world doing what I love Creatively, and for that I am truly Blessed.

I have to say a huge heart felt thanks to all the crew that helped make my journey so seamless and enjoyable, you know who you are… not just work colleagues but friends that you make for life.

My biggest thanks though always goes to Enich and Candy for hosting me and trusting my creative vision time and time again, without you there would be no ‘me’… Thankyou. xx

A Big Blog to come in the following days but for now it’s back to OZ time and execute the next phase of 2011.

And don’t forget thefishinthesea for extra Cali Goodness.!


CK x